A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller,

home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth

living for.

-Pablo Picasso


All Newborn Session are done in home lifestyle approach

Sessions are generally booked prior to birth & take place within the first fews  weeks of life. All sessions take place in the client’s home.  I'll come to you and create a custom documentary portrait experience in the comfort of your own home.   These sessions are designed to document this exact moment of life.   I will spend my time with you photographing  what you do best, loving on your sweet newborn.  

I want my families to walk away with portraits that tell THEIR story at this exact moment in their lives.   This is an experience that you are investing in & I value your investment.  I make it a personal goal to give you a session that you will want to talk about, and proudly share with your family and friends.

79162030_3233719346660728_5366994560465502208_o79162030_3233719346660728_5366994560465502208_o How to prepare:

Full Belly:   This tends to works beautifully and we all know if we have a happy and content baby, this means happy and content parents.  

What Should Our Newborn Wear:   If you have a special outfit that you would like your newborn to wear, please let me know and I will make sure that we incorporate that into the session. Otherwise, keep it simple.  

Props And Items:   Have any items that you would like to use for the session ready to go.  Examples are special blankets, hats, outfits, or any other special props that you would like for me to incorporate into the session.    

What Happens If Our Baby Gets Fussy:   If your newborn gets fussy at anytime,  we can take a small break and allow you to feed, diaper, and etc.  Don’t  panic,  I’m here to capture life and most times I will keep shooting.  

Most Importantly Have Fun:  Have fun, don't stress, and relax!!!  These images will be cherished for a lifetime.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy capturing this beautiful time in your life!!!

78926900_3233719356660727_5603828398720811008_o78926900_3233719356660727_5603828398720811008_o More newborn sessions can be found here